• Lara Novakovic

Musikal roots ch.3 : Back to balkans VIBES

For this chapter 3 of Musikal Roots - on the road, we are going in the direction of Balkans : Belgrade with an adaptation in serbian-french of 'Sve smo mogli me' (release this month). It reminds me summer in the ' white town ' of Serbia, which has always given me a deep feeling of peaceful, nostalgia, slowness ('POLAKO, polako ! ....=slowly, slowly like people use to tell me') and in the same time a huge energy like emotions flying in the air! Music running day and night in the streets and you always end a day in a little coffee-bar ('kafana') with friends ...

Town - Nature of Belgrade

Teaser of project Musikal Roots - on the road : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IK9rbcaH1Us

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2018 par Lara Novakovic 

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