• Lara Novakovic


Musikal Roots - on the road chapter 1 (Official clip release 30.01.2019) : direction Mumbai, India with an original song Humsafar - Stirring sugar in Urdoo, English and Serbian.

Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dlsGND7uKo

I have the chance that Vasim wrote for me an incredible couplet in Urdoo, about love, the one which find no clear definition but thousands of little proofs in day to day life, like stirring sugar in a cup of tea ... it come in my head an answer in Serbian, and a melody that come from the depth of his poetry.

We decided that this creation should be recorded in Mumbai, with musicians of his mother town; Pawan came on our path and gave us the opportunity to realize this dream in a studio in the heart of this colorful town.  

Vasim : " I closed my eyes and was thinking free, just as simple as in a day to day life taking a cup of tea and stirring sugar in it......and then this couplets happened... "

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